Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Regal Academy is committed to providing each customer with exceptional service.

Each course is carefully designed to meet your learning expectations and to help you become proficient in the subject. However, if you are not completely satisfied with the product, you may claim full refund, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in this policy.

If you are not completely satisfied with the product you have paid for, you may contact within 7 days of the purchase.


  1. We’ll acknowledge the receipt of your refund claim once we receive your email on the email ID mentioned above.
  2. Qualified refunds will be processed within 7 working days from the date of acknowledgement of the claim.
  3. Refund amount will be transferred to the same account from which it was received by us. It will not be transferred to any other account under any circumstances. 
    • If you paid through UPI (in case of Indian customers), the amount will be paid back to the same UPI ID from where it was received.
    • In case of international customers who paid through PayPal, the refund amount will be paid back to the same PayPal account it was received from.
  4. Purchases are non-transferable. Any purchase done on one’s name will not be transferred to anyone else under any circumstances.
  5. Refund is possible only in case where you’ve not completed the course within refund period (i.e. 7 days from purchase date).
  6. No refunds will be issued in case you failed to access the course within 7 days of purchase and accessed it later.
  7. No refund will be issued if we find that you’ve generated your course certificate. Course certificate is the proof that the course is already completed. Our system generates a Unique Certificate ID with every certificate only when the course is completed or is marked as complete (manually by you) and all certificates are verifiable on the website through the certificate link. Duplication of certificate is not possible due to the Unique Certificate ID.
  8. No refunds will be issued in case we detect any foul play of any nature on your part, like sharing your credentials with others, accessing course material from multiple devices either at the same time or different times, spreading false claims or false information about us or about the course on social media or through any other medium etc.
  9. No refunds will be issued in case of breach of our Terms Of Service.
  10. Regal Academy & Regal Consultants reserve all rights either to entertain or reject a refund claim.
  11. Regal Academy & Regal Consultants reserve all rights to change, amend or delete any part of this refund policy either in full or in part.
  12. Any disputes are subject to the local jurisdiction of place of establishment of Regal Academy & Regal Consultants.

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